Monday, November 21, 2011

Follow the High Country on Facebook

I don't know why it didn't hit me to look for them, but a number of High Country hot spots can be found via social media. The Town of Seven Devils, for instance, is on Facebook. So is Hawksnest. (Be sure to "like" them.) Also making its way to Facebook are Woodlands BBQ, Mast General Store and others.

Any others?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wanna cut your own Christmas tree?

Yes, I know Halloween was literally just a few days away, but if the malls can start getting into the Christmas spirit, why can't we?

The Watauga County Christmas Tree Association has put together a list/map of places in the High Country where one could choose and cut (you know, legally) their own Christmas tree.

We have never done this, but we certainly plan to someday. At least now we'll know where to go!

Watauga County, also known as the Choose and Cut Capital, is home to some of the most entertaining and scenic Choose and Cut farms across the region. Choose and Cut involves customers visiting a tree farm and roaming across tree-covered hillsides hunting the perfect tree to take home with them. Choose and Cut is the essential holiday family tradition, where young and old alike can enjoy a day on a real farm. Many farms offer hayrides, farm animals, cookies and cocoa and even Christmas Shops to purchase other holiday gifts. Wreaths and roping are also available to purchase.

The candidates speak

November 8 is Election Day, and the High Country Press asked the candidates for the town board in Seven Devils to say what's on their mind. (As an absentee landowner, I can't vote, but it's still good to see what type of vision these folks have.)

Click here to read the entries. (Below are just snippets.)

Full disclosure: I attended a class with Brad Lambert, who previously was the town manager in 7D. Great guy.

Kathryn Copley (D)
“As a Council member since 2002 and chair of the Public Works Committee since 2006, I’ve influenced ongoing improvements in three important areas: roads, water system, and funding."

Richard DeMott (I)
“What I put in my campaign literature is based on three Ps—plan, prioritize and pursue. That’s what we have to do. You have to plan first. You have to prioritize your plan, and then you have to get busy and do it.”

Larry Fontaine
"Promote cooperation and more open communication between the residents and various town committees and administration. ... I would encourage more opportunities for recreation within our town limits such as a playground and pursuing easements for hiking trails and for the preservation of natural areas through grants and donations. ...”

Brad Lambert

"As a council member, I would get out and tour the Town—weekly, if possible—with boots on the ground and eyes on the target. Eliminate surprises at meetings by talking to citizens, visiting the site, asking questions before the meeting. Eliminate three-hour Town Council meetings."