Monday, March 26, 2012

Seven Devils beer: For when six devils just isn't cutting it

Found some more about Seven Devils beer, from Olde Hickory. Funny stuff about the beer named "in honor of the poor souls who live in a part of the Blue Ridge Mountains said to be 'as cold as seven devils.'" Cold? Sometimes. Windy? You betcha.


My buddy Steve Kim came through and was repping his set real hard, to the extent that he dropped a North Carolina bomb on my doorstep. Even Petey Pablo wiped a tear away when he saw just how hard the block was repped. Well, here’s a style that I don’t enjoy, done by a brewery that I do enjoy. So let’s see what the net result is.


This beer is only 8% but it feels like something that would incapacitate me much more.

Man, I miss these sunrises

It's been a while since we have personally spent a night at Our Mountain Place. Fortunately, some good friends were able to get up there and enjoy the High Country over the weekend. They sent us this breathtaking shot from one of the mornings. I can't WAIT to get back up there. Soon ... soon.