Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Zip across the mountains

The Raleigh News & Observer has an article today about the ziplining offerings in the High Country. While the article focuses on Scream Time Zipline near Boone, it should be noted that Hawksnest in Seven Devils claims to be the longest zipline course on the East Coast.

"Slicing through trees and across a mountain valley hanging from a steel cable, it's hard not to feel like a 21st century Tarzan, with more clothes and less arm strength," writes Katelyn Ferral.

"Ziplining offers all the perks of being a tree-swinging jungle man, and one of the longest and most unusual ziplines in the country is in the Appalachian Mountains, three hours from the Triangle."

"... There are at least 15 zipline attractions throughout the state, mostly in the Piedmont and the mountains. They fall into two categories: standard zip line tours, where participants fly on cable connected to poles on the ground, and canopy tours, where the wire is suspended from aerial platforms in trees. ..."

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