Friday, February 17, 2012

Want some Seven Devils beer, Seven Devils people?

Again, ya gotta love Google Alerts. One about Seven Devils beer came in my inbox a couple of days ago.

Apparently Olde Hickory Brewery our of Hickory has a flavor called "Seven Devils," a Scottish ale. Some of the reviews (via Beer Advocate) laud the "same beautiful aromas you receive from the barrels used for Event Horizon are found here. Very well balanced. Some warm alcohol pokes through as well as dark malts and molasses. I also get small hints of graham crackers and raisin." Another says the beer "[A]lmost tastes like a whiskey sugar daddy dipped in apple cider."

I guess that's good?

Heads up: Seven Devils is a seasonal, meaning it may not be around long.

From Olde Hickory's website:

Our newest experiment with barrel aging. This time we brewed a delicious Scottish Ale (anyone remember our Nessie's?) and aged it in bourbon barrels.Our brew master says "It's like drinking a candy bar." Notes of chocolate, caramel, and coconut blend with the caramal and roasty maltiness typical of Scotch Ales. Available on tap and in 22oz bottles. 8% abv

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